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Why Organic Cotton

Organic cotton baby clothes are beautifully soft, durable and most importantly non toxic which makes it the perfect fabric choice for our robust and ever growing little ones. It also has the added bonus of being hypoallergenic which makes it beneficial for babies that may suffer from pesty eczema or for little ones with super sensitive skin that gets irritated easily and is a beautifully soft option as sleep wear. Our skin is our largest organ and around 60% of what goes onto it is absorbed into our bloodstream so it makes sense then, to choose fabrics that are safe and as organic and chemical free as possible.

As mum’s, when we buy clothes for our little people we generally don’t think about how that piece of clothing has come to be, or the journey that the piece of fabric has been on. As organic cotton baby wear becomes more popular the health risks of conventional cotton are being exposed. That gorgeous little piece of baby clothing may look harmless but the cotton it is made from would of been grown from a genetically modified cotton seed that has been doused with harmful pesticides, which are determined by the World Health Organization as acutely hazardous and carcinogenic. That fabric is then sitting on our highly delicate babies skin.

The manufacturing process also uses it’s own array of chemicals to prime and finish the material such APEO which is a known hormone disrupter and in addition there are the finishing chemicals such as Formaldehyde which is used to improve stain resistance, fireproof and soften the fabric. Its lovely swag of health risks include burning eyes, nose, and throat, as well as difficulties with sleep and concentration. To top it off it is also a known carcinogenic.

Buying organic cotton baby wear or changing your lifestyle to being more ‘organic’ is not meant to be an overwhelming experience however with a myriad of factors sometimes it can be, remember though, that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, start small and let the journey unfold. Your health and body will thank you. Start with one of Oakie Baby's affordable 100% organic cotton onesies or an organic cotton wrap and see where it leads you.