Halo and Horns

Bamboo is a renewable resource that is readily available. Not only does it make bamboo fabrics sustainable and earth-friendly, it also helps keep bamboo blend clothing affordable for parents.

Many babies with sensitive skin do not tolerate clothes made of poor quality or synthetic materials. Not only can they feel scratchy, they may cause your baby’s sensitive skin to break out into rashes, causing discomfort. Our premium organic and bamboo blend fabrics avoids such situations, and are also buttery soft and pleasant to touch.

Forget about having to buy a different set of kidswear to suit the different seasons in Australia. Bamboo blend fabrics are thermoregulating, meaning your little loves will be kept warm by layering up during cold winter months but also feel cool in summer as the material is breathable.

Halo and Horns Bamboo Shorties - Sirocco Wheat